Dirt & Ocean

I always hated my eye color
Just a dull shade of brown against your piercing blues
But you saw so much more than dirt and ocean
To you they were the earth
They held a lifetime of stories you wanted to read
They felt like home
and kept you grounded

Tell me if my eyes are so safe and warm to you
Why are yours a troubled ocean
How do you feel safe and grounded
When I feel like I’m drowning


You are Poetry

You’re like a poetry book I have on my shelf

There are pages I have dogeared and highlighted

I can see my reflection between every line

Because I relate too much

But there are also pages that seem to be in a different language

They talk about feelings I’ve never felt

And you are sometimes that distant

I understand you so much

I have parts of you memorized

But there are still parts that are foreign to me




You always liked when I wore glasses

Not me

Not because I didn’t like the way they fit my face

Or how they slipped down my nose

When I was trying to get lost in a book

It was the uncertainty I felt without them

It reminded me of how it felt to love you

Never having a clear picture of where we were headed

Never knowing what is right of sight

Everything was always sneaking up on us

The fast breaks

The quick left turns

Stumbling because there was one more step at the bottom of the staircase

I wasn’t expecting

Straining to see what I can’t

Knowing at any moment everything could change

Always paying extra attention so I don’t fall


I guess I’m just talking about your chaos again