Ive never seen a prettier shade of red

Than the one pouring from my veins

And I’ve never felt a better rush

Than the one I get from pain


Help Yourself

I learned at a very young age

you can yell “NO! STOP! HELP!”

loud enough to be heard in the next 3 states

but the neighbors wont do so much as bat an eye

You have to help yourself

People will ignore anything to stay in their comfort zones



Slumber Parties

I always hated slumber parties

Girls like to talk about crushes and first kisses

I always dreaded telling our story

I can still feel the bruises on my skin

And the taste of blood in my mouth

And I still lie to them

I tell them about the boy in the storm shelter

I’ll say he was kind and gentle

I could never tell the truth



Dirt & Ocean

I always hated my eye color
Just a dull shade of brown against your piercing blues
But you saw so much more than dirt and ocean
To you they were the earth
They held a lifetime of stories you wanted to read
They felt like home
and kept you grounded

Tell me if my eyes are so safe and warm to you
Why are yours a troubled ocean
How do you feel safe and grounded
When I feel like I’m drowning